-Corporate Public Relations/PR

Crisis Communication/ Crisis PR

when the tectonic plates of your world collide, and your world falls apart, think Crisis Pr

“Crisis Communication – the best Crisis Communication is that which avoids a crisis altogether”

                                                                                                                                                     Katie Paine

Crisis Communication is all about mitigating risk to your Reputation :

-risk to your market –share

-risk to your market value,

-risk threatening your assets as in business

Why You Need Crisis Public Relations/PR

a)Corporate Crisis

Your Corporate Brand value could be in a Crisis

-when your brand or product precipitates a crisis, you might consider a turn –key solution on Customer Relations Management (CRM), to help protect your market share


b)Government Crisis  or Municipality/Public sector Crisis

Your government partnership with stakeholders could be in Crisis

-risking Brand Reputation for your country to lose on foreign direct investment because of perceptions in the market place, cascading to municipalities, limiting competitiveness in the cut- throat market  

Government Crisis and Service Delivery protests, damaging Brand credibility of the country.

-when government crises keeps the country tap-dancing on strategic issues, breeding uncertainty to investor confidence, threatening competitiveness in every sector of the economy – think of a turn –key solution to turn the page. It is our forte.

-when services delivery issues threatens the fundamental existence of the municipalities, resulting in lost growth opportunities for the economy of the country, lost opportunities to unlock the economic value of the country, lost investor confidence, lost reputation – it is a Crisis. We collaborate with the client to delve deep into the belly of the earth and find lasting solution. Crisis PR

c)Personal Crisis

-Your Corporate or Business Position could be in a Crisis

-Your Reputation could be in Crisis, or under siege, threatening your Core Existence

What We Do for Our Clients?

-we manage your Corporate Image and Public Perceptions in the public space, to insulate your Brand Image from the real economic forces

-we provide a turn –key solution to Crisis Communication and management –  we call it Crisis Public Relations

-alternatively, we collaborate with our client to develop a customised Crisis Communication training for your business, your government department, your brand , including Media Training for Corporate Executives and company Spokesperson or/and Board, and empower them to manage media reports and allegations

Case study 1 / Crisis PR

-think of the Listerosis saga with class actions that might be game-changing to the brand.

Case study 2 / Crisis PR

-think Life Esidimeni saga, that has the potential to resuscitate unprecedented crisis in the country’s health sector.

Case study 3 / Crisis PR

-think of Marikana massacre and how the issue might change the course of mining in South Africa, and impact on the country’s fortunes.

It is all Crisis PR – “seek, and ye shall find”

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