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A: If you can solve all your complex communications and media challenges in your business, your organisation, your government and your high-flying life as a high –powered individual(HNWI) – you do not need much of PR.

A: Corporate business need Public Relations

-Governments and their departments need Public Relations to mitigate much of the crisis, proactively and reactively, as to help grow the economy, whilst insulating the government from threats to reputation

-Municipalities need Public Relations to help dispense the delivery of services seamlessly

-High Net Worth Individuals(HNWI) like  high –powered politicians, sport celebrities, media celebrities, entrepreneurs to ‘tenderpreneurs’, need Public Relations – anything is possible in this game.

a)Public Relation Research & Analytics

-no Public Relations Strategy can withstand the “test of times” without investing time to comprehend the root cause of the challenge, the cannon –fodder to the crisis, and what ‘tears’ your brand or corporate reputation.

-no Public Relations campaign can yield desired results and purpose if the consumer lacks an identity, the consumer profile, needs and fears

4.Why should a business or government need Strategic Communications consultancy?

If Reputation Management matters to your business, your government, your municipality, your brand –value and positioning, your market competitiveness, then…?

If managing a Crisis when Corporate Governance falls apart is a ride in the park? If Corporate scandals never threaten your fundamental existence, then…?

If Stakeholders never become too hot to handle –Investor Relations, Employees keeping you on tip-toes with Employee Engagement, Share –holders withdrawing from your investment, Community Relations threatening you existentialism, then…?

5.Why Media Training is key to the success of every business or organisation, including the government?

-it is evident that when certain individual leadership across the political and corporate spheres need to engage with the media, the need for a skill to navigate treacherous business or political landscape, is imperative. It is a skill to be learned.

-you would have observed that when certain key management and leadership in corporate or government contemplate engaging stakeholders, the best is to seek a hole for cover.

Moonstar Public Relations remedies the challenges

6.Why Media Relations?

Reputation is build over years – but when the market wolves smell the blood, it takes minutes to dislocate powerful brands and governments,  leaving nothing but the “image” of former self  – inadvertently, claiming the scalp of many powerful individuals who fall from grace, with scars that never heal as reminders.

-the market jungle is unforgiving to the meek, especially when they fall prey of the ‘hungry’ newshounds.

Moonstar Public Relations offers training to Strategic Management and Leadership on ‘how best to hatch the plan’, before the wolves ‘plot against you’. It is part of nature.

Moonstar Public Relations provide Media Strategies to mitigate the risk in the ‘game of thrones’. Strategy to keep the ‘wolves at bay. Strategy to articulate issues when they become controversial. Strategy when you need to reach the market – your consumers. Strategy to help position your product or brand

Strategy, to narrate your tale

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