Media Training

Media Training remains a critical skill when the crisis comes knocking at your core existence, allegations of corrupt and fraudulent behaviour, and the Board of Directors need to be empowered, the  Executive Management need to be ready for the battle.

Learn the Art of Public Speaking on Crisis/Leadership/Labor risks

Media Training for the board and the executive management, prepares the organisation for the most unpredictable – like industrial actions that reportedly bled more than R30m a day for a mining firm’s coffers in a short space, or the reputational damage to a world –class rail service that could not leverage media insights to their crisis.

-Learn how to profile your BRAND (Positioning) with clear messaging

-Learn how to articulate ISSUES to enhance CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and transparency to your investors

-Learn how to mitigate REPUTATIONAL RISK when a CRISIS hits your business, and the MEDIA is at your door

limiting the prospects of enhancing Investor Confidence and foreign investment
-Head of States/Presidents of countries
-Prime Ministers
-Ministers  in government
-Municipal Mayors


-Learn how to articulate policy and vision

Heads of States need Media Training skills, private session

Presidents of countries need Media Training to change the monotonous tone of speeches and become political draw cards. Presidents of countries has the potential to becomes brands even after their term of office. Former President Nelson Mandela understood the secret, and his legacy lives on. Former President Barack Obama understood the secret, and his popularity continues to surge even though he is out of the White House. Former President Bill Clinton knew the secret – and he still dominates global speaking engagements, and many more leaders who invested in Media Training. We do that in your privacy.

Who Should attend Media Training workshops?
-Board of Directors
-Corporate Executives
-Senior Managers
-Corporate Communication
-Head of Communication
-Executive Managers
-Attorneys and Advocates
-State Owned Enterprises
-Media Liaison Officers (MLO)

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