Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications is core when your Brand Value hits turbulence in the market place and a crisis emerges, be it reputational or organisational.

Strategic Communications cuts across every sector of your business to give effect to your Strategy – lest your Strategy remains a well-crafted document in folder 13 of your archives, leading to ultimately drafting a ‘new’ Strategy every year for the next decade.

Strategic Communications is the pulse of your campaigns consumer campaigns to government relations with its key stakeholders. Government without Strategic Communications is bound to tap –dance across a myriad of crises, day in and day out, and never achieve its strategic objectives and goals

Strategic Communications informs the formulation of credible and clear organisational and communication matrix in every organisation, leveraging Corporate Communication tools to be seamless

Our Core Services in Strategic Communications?

-Reputation Management to mitigate corporate and business mishaps that could threaten your Corporate and Brand  Image

-Crisis Communication emanating from leadership crisis, corporate crisis to political crisis, exacerbating reputational crisis for the brand

-Employee Engagement

-Issue Management, with allegations that threatens brand positioning. We manage the issue to its end

-Corporate Communications

-Corporate Social Responsibility

-Corporate Affairs

-Stakeholder Relations

-Community Relations

-Change Management

Public Affairs & Advocacy, helps build relations and find common grounds amongst stakeholders.

-Customer Relationship Management with focus on Customer Experience.

-Thought Leadership

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