Terms and Conditions for Media Training


NB: The Terms and Conditions as published on the Moonstar Public Relations website, are meant to inform potential clients requesting our Media Training services, about their privileges and limitations.

Any transaction within the offered Media Training services, presumes that the Terms and Conditions were perused and agreed to by the potential client

What We Offer our clients in Media Training seminars

Moonstar Public Relations empowers our clients in Corporate and Government departments, to speak with confidence and control, on most complex issues in a tough political and economic terrain, through intensive training on how to manage media interviews from radio, television to print and on –line.

Why Media Training

-to help protect your Corporate or Brand Reputation

-to build relationship among key stakeholders for leverage when dark clouds precipitate a storm on your path

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

-High Quality Media Training across South Africa and Africa, and globally

About Media Training seminar

-packaged to be responsive to your environmental needs, be it corporate, government or public affairs needs

Duration for Media Training skills

-4 to 6 hrs session

-up to 8 hours for the Comprehensive and Intense session

Programme Content

Our Course content is customized to suit the needs of the client – be it strategic level interventions or personal development. We literally partner with the client to develop the best outcome.

Guide Us on What You Want to Achieve – and the Content will be Customized

Reservations for training

Reservations to be confirmed 14 days prior to the scheduled Media Training session, , to allow for content to be tailored according to the needs of the client. Exceptions only for basic training sessions.

Venue for the Media Training

-the comfort of your office or privacy of your boardroom within South Africa or the rest of Africa.

-meeting venues outside of office setting within South Africa or the rest of Africa

             – we come to you, including One –on One Consultation

Fee Structure:

a)R9 500-00/ delegate for 6 to 8 hours/full day

b)R8 750-00/delegate for 4 to 6  hours/half day  with minimum of 4 delegates

Additional Cost:

a)Camera Crew Hire @R9 500-00/ call (excluding Travel and Subsistence/ Allowances)

Payment schedule/ format

a)Only EFT payments acceptable, and confirmation of payment to be send via e mail as Proof Of Payment to:  info@moonstarpublicrelations.co.za  Cash deposits subject to bank clearance period and will be acknowledged when reflected in our business account

(Bank clearance of funds and related regulations may apply)

Payment confirmation

a)E mail Proof Of Payment (POP) to : info@moonstarpublicrelations.co.za

b)Reference number for the payment will be sent to your company / delegate by e mail, as confirmation of receipt of Proof Of Payment(POP), within 24 hours of funds being cleared by the bank.

c)Client to confirm receipt of fund transaction (ref.no:))by the Service Provider, to mitigate mishap and incorrect transactions.

Cancellation Policy

a)All the cancellations of paid –for sessions will be subjected to Cancellation Policy, as amended periodically, and are not acceptable within 14 days before the session, and there will be no refund.

Cancellation Penalties

a)Any cancellation within 14 days attracts 10% penalties based on the amount to be refunded, and should be in writing, and receipt confirmed by the service provider, Moonstar Public Relations

Refund Policy

a)Any refund/s are subject to a 10% penalties based on the amount to be refunded, and should be in writing, and receipt confirmed by the service provider, Moonstar Public Relations.

Travel and Subsistence

a)Travel Logistics

  1. Travel cost per kilometre at R4 -00/km outside Gauteng Province
  2. Air Travel at economy class rate for distance above 400km from Johannesburg
  3. Car rental/hire with comprehensive cover for inland travels without airports

 Last Update dated: 02 May 2021

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